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Before the Christmas carousel of present-wrapping, unwrapping and apron-wearing began in earnest, I went to the cinema to see Me and Orson Welles. Much has been said about Christian Mackay’s performance as the tyrannous Orson Welles, and I can only add assurance that he is brilliant. He is unpredictable and charming, and as he dictates the film, you become one of his cast buffeted from tantrum to hearty camaraderie.

Set in 1930s New York, the film follows fledgling actor, Richard Samuels (Zac Efron) through his first week in New York, in Orson Welles’ production of Julius Caesar. This is a very small, sweet story, which, among other things, plots the relationship between Samuels and Welles’ assistant, Sonja Jones (Claire Danes). Efron shrugs off his Wildcats uniform admirably, and Danes’ portrayal is sharp and knowing, but suitably bruised from working with the irascible director.

The 1930s have become a bit of a pet period for fashionable types, which means that two versions of the fashion exist; the genuine, slightly unflattering, chunky cuts that are hidden in undiscovered vintage stores and costume museums; and the Topshop-friendly, much more forgiving styles that wander up and down the streets of 2009.

Costume designer, Nic Ede wraps each character in entirely convincing 1930s garb, and is brave enough to prioritise the atmosphere and style of the film as a whole, over the wishlists of the fashion savvy audience members. Of course, Christian Mackay stills looks overwhelming in his trilby, Claire Danes looks born for a set wave, red lips and a cape, and Zac Efron, well, if it wasn’t so wrong… yes, so, young, bright-eyed Hollywood thing and all that.